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Computer Training Programmes:

Training is essential to the achievements of a business.  Perhaps its most positive benefit is better employees.  A company develops the potential of an employee, and part of the way a company encourages improvement is through training.  Often, good training is just as important as a good benefits package for an employee.

For employers, training allows them to locate a wider range of people with the kind of outlook that matches the company mission statement.  The right kind of perspective is a hard thing to cultivate, whereas workplace specific proficiencies are easier to nature.  The other advantage employers should remember about training is it offers them an improved retention rate. 

Our Facilities:

  • Fully Air-conditioned & Equipped Computer Lab;
  • High speed Wireless internet Access during Training,
  • One student to one computer,
  • Maximum of 10 students per class,
  • Intensive practical & Visual Manuals,
  •  Professional Support and Mentoring after the Programme.
Special Offer 25% Discount for 1st 10 to enroll for each Session





Certificate Information Management
  • Computer Fundamentals,
  • MS office,
  • Internet, and
  • Email usage
3 months

Advanced Certificate  in Website Design
  • HTML & HTML5
  • XHTML,
  • PHP,
  • MYSQL,
  • AJAX,
  • CSS
3 months

Certificate in e-Commerce
  • oCart,
  • Zen Cart,
  • osCommerce
3 months

Certificates in Graphics Design
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Adobe Ilustrator, and
  • Corel Draw,
3 months

Freelancer Web Designer Programme
(Advanced Diploma)
  • HTML & HTML5
  • XHTML,
  • PHP,
  • MYSQL,
  • AJAX,
  • CSS,
6 months

Certificate in Web Hosting & Domain Name Business
  • Servers Control Panels,
  • Domain Name Registrations,
  • Domain Mgt. Tools,
  • Online Billing Software, and
  • Online Marketing Tools.
3 months

Certificate in Bulk SMS Reseller & SMS Marketing.
  • Internet
  • Online Marketing Tools.
2 months
Special Training

  Available Classes & Timings
  1. Morning (9:00 am  - 12:00 noon),
  2. Afternoon (2:00pm –5:00pm) and
  3. Part-time Weekend (Saturday & Sunday).
  4. Personal laptop Allowed.

For ore information contact us at Suite 3’ Dan Amarya Plaza Tarauni, Maiduguri Road, Kano.  

  1. Faruk: 08097674603, 
  2. Mustapha, 08034776161,
  3. Yusuf 08022763235. E-mail: Click here OR Click here to Register Online
Employees are more loyal to companies that value their growth and want to cultivate it. Thus it provide a better performance and decrease the rollover rate at any company, no matter how small or large.  If an employee thinks a company values him or her, that sentiment will go into whatever the employee is designing, selling, manufacturing, etc.

Our take on Training:

However, the kind of training an employee receives is very important.  Allowing an employee to simply pass through a sort of substandard “101” training course does not ensure improvement.  Every single part of the management at a company must completely sustain the training.  Otherwise, there is no point in wasting even a shoddy effort at training.  Cheap training will result in cheap work: quality employees require quality training programs, which means spending a bit more money. 

Excellent training programs emphasize a correlation between personal development and official evaluations, allowing an employee to discern that career growth and success means evolving their expertise with training.

Improving employee skills is not only about improving skills related to their specific field, but also improving skills related to the interpersonal and communication. 

These abilities are constantly developing and perhaps more important than field related abilities.  A person can be average in their field skills, but an excellent communicator with fantastic people skills is an asset to a company.  These kinds of employees tend to fit better with a company.  Other skills that should be emphasized besides those related to industry and interpersonal include how management time effectively, how to deal with disputes, and how to build a strong team.

How do you begin to create a business training program appropriate to your company?  Detailed analysis and your current employees are a good place to start asking what works and what does not.  Ask them what kinds of things would help them improve because the right kinds of questions provide a company with a great return.  Employees will improve job performance dramatically and  the company too.